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At, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Our core values revolve around offering top-quality products and excellent service. We understand that purchasing a sex doll is a significant investment, both financially and in terms of your sexual pleasure and overall satisfaction. That’s why we prioritize customer care from the moment you start exploring our website until long after you’ve received your sex doll companion. In addition to our dedicated customer service and premium sex dolls, we offer the following benefits:

Worldwide Free Shipping: We provide free shipping to customers all around the world, ensuring that your sex doll reaches you safely and securely.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee that your sex doll will arrive in perfect condition. If there are any issues, we will make it right to ensure your complete satisfaction.

After-sales Support: Our commitment to customer care extends beyond the purchase. We are here to provide ongoing support and assistance whenever you need it.

24/7 Customer Service: We offer round-the-clock customer service, so you can reach out to us via chat, phone, or email at any time.

Curated Collection: Our collection of sex dolls is carefully curated from the best artists and manufacturers, ensuring that you have access to the finest selection.

Diverse Options: We offer a beautiful and comprehensive range of sex dolls, continuously expanding our collection to incorporate the latest industry advancements.

Personalized Attention: Unlike other doll resellers, we are sex doll professionals who take pride in providing personalized customer care. We have hands-on experience with sex dolls and can offer practical tips and advice.

Determining whether sex dolls are worth the investment is a personal decision. Consider the following questions to help you assess if a sex doll is a wise choice for you:

Why do I want to buy a sex doll? Is it for companionship or realistic sexual experiences?

Am I willing to invest time in cleaning and maintaining the doll to ensure its longevity?

Does the idea of owning a sex doll bring me happiness and excitement?

Do I deserve to indulge in a splurge that will provide satisfaction and enjoyment?

Once you’ve answered these questions, consider the following points in evaluating the worth of a sex doll investment:

Ultimate Sex Toy: Sex dolls offer an unparalleled level of pleasure and satisfaction.

Versatility: They can be enjoyed alone or with a partner, providing a range of intimate experiences.

Clean and Safe: Sex with a doll is hygienic, safe, and eliminates the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Emotional Benefits: Many sex doll owners find that their dolls offer emotional support, alleviating loneliness and avoiding complex relationships.

Exploration and Fantasy: Sex doll companions provide a platform for fulfilling fantasies and exploring desires without judgment or rejection.

Boost in Confidence: They can help overcome self-esteem issues and contribute to building confidence.

Companionship: If you’re seeking companionship, a sex doll can provide a sense of fulfillment and connection.

Realistic Experience: Sex dolls offer a remarkably lifelike and human-like sexual encounter.

Craftsmanship and Value: They are meticulously crafted and represent a worthwhile investment, offering long-term value for their cost.

Health Benefits: Engaging in sexual activities and experiencing orgasms have various positive health effects, such as reducing the risk of prostate cancer, boosting the immune system, relieving pain, and promoting heart health.

After considering all the benefits of owning a sex doll companion, you’ll likely find the answer to the question “Are sex dolls worth the investment?” to be a resounding YES!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to physically try out a sex doll before making a purchase. While it would be ideal to have a showroom where you could test different dolls, the nature of these products makes it impractical. However, there are alternative ways to gain insight into how sex dolls look and function:

Manufacturer Videos: Many sex doll manufacturers provide detailed videos showcasing their products. These videos offer a visual representation of the doll’s appearance and features.

User Testimonials: Reading reviews and testimonials from other sex doll owners can provide valuable insights. Their firsthand experiences can give you a better understanding of the doll’s feel and performance.

Online Forums: Joining online communities and forums dedicated to sex dolls allows you to interact with experienced doll owners. These forums provide a platform to ask questions, gather information, and learn from the experiences of others.

Sex Doll Brothels: In some locations, there are establishments known as sex doll brothels, where you can rent a doll for a limited time. This option allows you to have a hands-on experience with a sex doll before making a purchase. However, it’s important to note that these establishments may not be available in all areas.

While physical testing may not be possible, these alternatives can help you make an informed decision when selecting a sex doll that meets your preferences and desires.

When you purchase a sex doll, you can expect to receive several items that are included to enhance your overall experience. While the specific contents may vary slightly depending on the brand, the following items are typically included with a sex doll:

Starter cleaning kit: This kit consists of cleaning tools and instructions to help you maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your sex doll.

White cotton gloves: These gloves are provided for handling the doll during the unpacking and assembly process. They help prevent fingerprints and ensure a gentle touch.

Basic clothing piece: Your sex doll will come with a basic outfit or lingerie piece, allowing you to dress and personalize your doll according to your preferences.

Doll’s body: The main component of the sex doll, the body is crafted to resemble the shape and curves of a human body. It is made from high-quality materials such as TPE or silicone for a realistic and pleasurable experience.

Doll’s head: The head of the sex doll features lifelike facial features, including eyes, lips, and hair. It is detachable and can be interchanged with other compatible heads to provide different looks and personalities.

Full-sized blanket: To ensure the protection and discreet storage of your sex doll, a full-sized blanket is often included. This allows you to cover and store your doll when not in use.

It’s important to note that the specific accessories and additional items included may vary depending on the brand and package chosen. It’s recommended to carefully review the product description and consult with the seller to ensure you have a clear understanding of what comes with your specific sex doll.

For a visual representation of the unboxing process and to see what typically comes with a sex doll, you can watch informative unboxing videos available online, such as the one showcasing the unboxing of a Funwest sex doll.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance.

when it comes to the vagina options on our sex dolls, we offer two main choices: fixed and removable. Each type of vagina has its own unique advantages and considerations. If you’re new to purchasing a sex doll companion, it’s important to understand the differences between these options. Regardless of the choice you make, rest assured that both options provide an incredibly lifelike sexual experience.

Fixed Vagina: A sex doll with a fixed vagina has a built-in, non-removable vaginal opening. This type of vagina offers a seamless and realistic experience, as it is permanently attached to the doll’s body. It is designed to closely resemble the appearance and feel of a natural female anatomy. With a fixed vagina, you can enjoy a more authentic sexual encounter with your sex doll.

Removable Vagina: A sex doll with a removable vagina features a separate insert or sleeve that can be detached from the doll’s body for cleaning and maintenance. This option allows for easy cleaning and sanitation, as you can remove the insert and clean it separately. It also offers the flexibility of using different inserts with varying textures and tightness, allowing you to customize your sexual experience.

Both options provide a lifelike feel and are made from high-quality materials that mimic the texture and softness of human skin. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and the level of convenience you desire in terms of cleaning and customization.

It’s worth noting that the availability of vagina options may vary depending on the specific sex doll model and manufacturer. It’s recommended to check the product description or consult with the seller to ensure you have a clear understanding of the vagina options available for your chosen sex doll.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you find the perfect sex doll that suits your desires and preferences.

If you have chosen a sex doll with a removable vagina, it is necessary to properly insert the vaginal insert before using the doll. While it may seem unfamiliar at first, the process is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

Lay the sex doll on her back on a flat surface, ensuring stability and comfort.

Gently slide your hand under the bend of one knee and lift it toward the doll’s chest, then push the leg outward, as if she is doing the splits. Repeat this for the other leg, positioning the doll with her legs open.

Prepare a talc-based or TPE powder, which helps reduce friction and facilitates the insertion process.

Sprinkle a generous amount of powder on the doll’s vaginal opening, as well as on the outside of the vaginal insert.

With the doll’s hole gently spread open using your fingers, carefully insert the vaginal tube into the opening.

Ensure that the openings align properly and the vaginal insert is securely in place.

If needed, you can adjust the position of the insert to ensure a comfortable and realistic fit.

Once the vaginal insert is properly inserted, you are ready to engage in intimate experiences with your sex doll.

Remember, taking your time and being gentle during the insertion process is important to prevent any damage to the doll or the insert. If you encounter any difficulties or have concerns, it’s always helpful to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or reach out to customer support for guidance specific to your sex doll model.

Enjoy your time with your sex doll, and if you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask.

When choosing the breasts for your sex doll from, you have the option of selecting between solid, hollow, and gel breasts. Each type offers a unique weight and feel, allowing you to customize your doll’s experience according to your preferences.

Solid Breasts:

Solid breasts are made of either TPE or silicone, depending on the doll’s material. They closely mimic the weight and firmness of real breasts, providing a realistic feel when touched. Solid breasts offer a satisfying bounce and jiggle, enhancing the overall authenticity of the doll.

Hollow Breasts:

Hollow breasts, contrary to their name, are not completely empty inside. They contain a small air pillow that makes them lighter in weight compared to solid breasts. While still soft and touchable, hollow breasts offer a lighter and more supple feel, with a moderate amount of jiggle. They provide a comfortable spot to rest your head or engage in intimate moments with your doll.

Gel-Filled Breasts:

Gel-filled breasts are a newer option available with some of our sex dolls. These breasts offer a perfect balance between the weight and movement of solid breasts and the softness of hollow breasts. Gel-filled breasts provide a natural weight, realistic movement, and an authentic bounce and jiggle, closely resembling the feel of real female breasts. They are squeezable and offer a highly lifelike experience.

By understanding the differences between solid, hollow, and gel breasts, you can choose the breast type that best aligns with your desired weight, feel, and realism for your sex doll. Consider your preferences and the level of authenticity you seek to enhance your overall experience and satisfaction with your doll.

If you have any further questions or need assistance in selecting the right breasts for your sex doll, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Please note that the shipping costs are included in the price of the product, so you won’t have to pay any additional fees for shipping when you make a purchase. We want to ensure a seamless and convenient shopping experience for our customers, which is why we offer free shipping as part of our commitment to excellent service.

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding shipping, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. They will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with! ships to all countries except India, Pakistan, the UAE, Africa, and Thailand. Please note that we are unable to ship to these countries due to either legal restrictions or strict customs regulations related to sex toys. However, we are pleased to offer shipping services to customers in most other parts of the world.

If you have any further questions about shipping or need assistance with your specific location, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. They will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information and guidance.

Thank you for considering for your purchase.

You may be responsible for paying any applicable taxes, tariffs, or fees imposed by your local authorities. While we take care of import taxes and duties on our end, it’s important to note that additional charges such as import duties and VAT (Value Added Tax) may be levied by your local government. We recommend checking your government’s website or contacting the relevant authorities to understand the specific regulations and potential costs associated with importing sex dolls or related products into your country.

At, we strive to provide transparency and assist our customers to the best of our abilities. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding taxes, tariffs, or fees, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. They will be happy to provide you with more information and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

Thank you for choosing as your trusted provider.

Once your order is placed, it typically takes 13 to 21 working days for you to receive your sex doll. Here’s an overview of the process:

Order Placement: After you have selected your desired sex doll and completed your order, the specifications and choices are sent to the manufacturer.

Production: Your doll enters the production phase immediately after the order is received. Skilled craftsmen work diligently to bring your doll to life, paying attention to every detail.

Quality Control: Once the manufacturing process is complete, your doll undergoes rigorous quality control testing. This ensures that it meets our high standards and is in perfect condition before it is shipped.

Approval and Photography: After passing quality control, your doll is submitted to our approval team. At least two team members review the doll and ensure that it matches your specifications. Photographs of the doll are taken and emailed to you for your approval.

Approval Confirmation: Once you have reviewed the photographs and provided your approval, the doll undergoes final preparations for shipment. This includes packaging and dispatch to the shipping carrier.

Shipment and Tracking: Within 24 hours of dispatch, you will receive a tracking number for your order. Depending on your location, the shipping time can range from 3 to 7 business days.

It’s important to note that factors such as Chinese holidays, public health emergencies (e.g., the coronavirus pandemic), and holidays in your own country may impact the shipping timeline.

We strive to keep you informed throughout the process and ensure that your sex doll arrives safely and securely. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your order, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing

Absolutely! We understand the importance of privacy when it comes to your sex doll purchase. To ensure discreet shipping, we take the following measures:

Plain Packaging: Your sex doll is shipped in a plain, unmarked box without any explicit labeling or branding. There will be no indication of the contents on the outside of the box.

Discreet Sender Information: The sender’s name on the shipping label will be neutral and inconspicuous. We prioritize your privacy and do not include any identifiable information that may reveal the nature of the package.

Fragile Marking: We mark the package as “fragile” to ensure careful handling during transit. However, this is the only visible information on the outside of the box.

By taking these steps, we aim to protect your privacy and ensure that your sex doll purchase remains confidential. You can have peace of mind knowing that your shipment will arrive discreetly without drawing any unwanted attention.

If you have any additional concerns or specific instructions regarding the shipping of your sex doll, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you and make your experience as discreet as possible.

Thank you for choosing

When ordering a sex doll, it’s important to consider the weight of the package. The actual weight will depend on the size and specifications of the doll, but on average, a sex doll package can weigh over 80 lbs. This includes the weight of the doll itself as well as the packaging materials.

To safely move your sex doll’s shipping box, here are some tips:

Enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member to assist you. Having an extra pair of hands can make the process easier and safer.

Utilize a hand truck or dolly to transport the package. These tools are designed to carry heavy items and can help you maneuver the box with less effort.

Consider using a mechanics creeper on wheels or a large, rolling plant stand. These can provide a smooth and stable surface for sliding the package across the floor, making it easier to move.

If available, you can use an office chair with wheels to transport the package indoors. Carefully place the package on the chair and push it to the desired location.

Remember to prioritize your safety and use proper lifting techniques when handling heavy objects. If you have any concerns about moving the package, it’s always best to seek assistance to avoid any potential injuries.

Please keep in mind that the weight of the package may vary depending on the specific doll and packaging used.

UPS Store Locations: You can have your sex doll shipped to a UPS store near you. UPS stores offer mailbox services and can receive packages on your behalf. You can then pick up your package from the UPS store at your convenience.

UPS Access Point Network: UPS also has an Access Point Network, which includes various retail locations where you can have your package delivered. These locations may include convenience stores, pharmacies, or other participating businesses. You can choose a nearby access point for delivery and collect your package from there.

FedEx Delivery Points and Management: FedEx provides similar options through their Delivery Manager service. You can customize the delivery of your package to a FedEx store or select retail locations for pickup.

Ship to a trusted friend’s home: If you have a friend or family member who is willing to receive the package on your behalf, you can have the sex doll shipped to their address instead.

Switch your PO Box: If you currently have a PO Box, you may consider switching to a facility like The UPS Store that offers additional services, including package acceptance. This way, you can receive your sex doll at the facility rather than your home address.

Before choosing any of these options, make sure to check with the specific service provider or location for their policies and procedures regarding package delivery and pickup.

Please note that availability and services may vary depending on your location, so it’s recommended to research and contact the respective service provider for more information.

We understand that you may want to make changes to your sex doll order. However, the ability to modify an order depends on the stage of production your doll is currently in. While we cannot guarantee changes once the production process has begun, we are committed to working with you to find a solution.

To inquire about modifying your order, please contact us via phone or email at siliconesexdollworld. Our customer support team will assist you and provide guidance based on the specific circumstances of your order.

Please note that the availability of order changes may be limited, and it’s important to reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss any desired modifications.

At, we believe in providing exceptional customer support even after your purchase. Our after-sales support is designed to assist you throughout your ownership of a sex doll, ensuring your satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.

Our dedicated support team is available to provide you with valuable tips and guidance on caring for your sex doll. Whether you need advice on cleaning, maintenance, or storage, we are here to help. We can also recommend products and services specifically tailored to enhance the care and maintenance of your doll.

In the unfortunate event that your sex doll experiences any damage or requires repairs, we can assist you in finding appropriate repair options. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we aim to ensure that your sex doll remains in excellent condition for as long as possible.

Best of all, our after-sales support is provided at no extra charge. We genuinely want your sex doll to continue bringing you happiness and fulfillment over the years. Simply reach out to us at, and our team will promptly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Choose for not only high-quality sex dolls but also comprehensive after-sales support that goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and long-term enjoyment.

Sex dolls come with the bare minimum and we mean bare! Most sex dolls come with a very simple top or gown and nothing more than a smile. Therefore, it’s up to you to have some nice things waiting for your doll when he or she arrives.

Clean& Maintanance

With proper care, a sex doll can last up to 10 years or even longer. Regular cleaning, drying, and maintenance are crucial for preserving the longevity of your doll. Neglecting these aspects, such as infrequent cleaning or storing the doll in unfavorable conditions, can significantly reduce its lifespan. To emphasize the durability of sex dolls, you can explore The Doll Forum’s section dedicated to the buying and selling of pre-loved dolls. The fact that people resell their dolls speaks volumes about their quality and longevity.

Curious about what a quality sex doll feels like? Gone are the days of old, inflatable sex dolls. Today’s sex dolls are a whole new level of realism. But what exactly does a quality sex doll feel like? Made from materials like TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone, these dolls provide a soft, silky texture that closely mimics real human skin. However, words alone can’t capture the true essence of their lifelike feel.

If you’ve ever used a sex toy or a masturbation sleeve like a Fleshlight, you have a glimpse of what a quality sex doll feels like. But to truly understand the experience, we recommend watching YouTube videos shared by sex doll owners. These firsthand accounts give you a visual and tactile understanding of the realistic sensation a quality sex doll provides. You can also explore videos from Irontech and manufacturer demonstrations on the video page.

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible realism and sensory satisfaction that quality sex dolls offer.

Taking care of your sex doll with rooted hair requires attention to ensure the doll’s face and head do not become saturated. It may require some time and skill, but the meaning remains the same. Since sex dolls do not have a sweating scalp, it is only necessary to shampoo the hair every 4 to 6 weeks.

Washing Your Sex Doll’s Rooted Hair
To wash your sex doll’s rooted hair, you need to choose a position that is both comfortable and convenient for you. Here are some easy positions to consider:
Seat your sex doll in a tall chair or bar stool with the head leaning back over the sink.
Seat your doll on the bathroom floor with the head leaning back over the side of the tub.
Lay your sex doll on the edge of the bed or on a table, facing upward, with a bucket underneath (you will need a cup for rinsing).
Start by covering your sex doll’s face with an absorbent towel or cloth. Then gather the following items from your sex doll grooming kit: bucket, shampoo/conditioner (opt for a good wig shampoo and conditioner), towel, and wig brush or comb. Follow these steps to wash your sex doll’s rooted hair:
Fill the bucket with warm water.
Use a plastic cup to dip into the bucket and wet the doll’s hair, being careful not to get water on the doll’s face and eyes.
Apply shampoo to the doll’s hair, starting from the scalp and working down to the ends.
Rinse the shampoo out of the hair using the cup until the water runs clear. You may need to change the water in the bucket once.
To condition the hair, replace the water bucket and repeat the previous steps.
Gently squeeze any excess water from the doll’s hair.
Wrap a towel around the doll’s hair and gently squeeze to remove as much dampness as possible.
Sit your sex doll upright and comb through the hair, supporting the roots with your hand. Avoid pulling too hard, as it can damage the doll’s head and cause hair loss.
Allow your doll’s hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on the cool setting for quicker drying.
Once dry, style the hair as desired.

Here are some quick tips for styling your sex doll’s rooted hair or wigs:
Use hair accessories like barrels, clips, twist pins, ponytail holders, scrunchies, headbands, bandanas, and bobby pins for easy and cute hairstyles.
If all else fails, hats can make a fantastic fashion statement.
Watch wig styling tutorials on YouTube to become a hair pro in no time.
Look for stylists who offer house calls. Beauty schools often have students who are looking for practice.
Contact your local beauty school or salon to inquire if they offer wig services. You can drop off and pick up the wig.
Keep several wigs of different styles and colors on hand to change up your sex doll’s look.
Use a wig stand for drying and styling your sex doll’s wig.
Spraying dry shampoo and brushing it through the hair will give your sex doll’s hair a wonderful scent.
Use sponge or memory foam rollers on damp hair or wigs, then allow them to dry for easy and sexy waves and curls.
When choosing a wig, opt for smaller sizes or wigs with adjustable caps for the perfect fit.
By following these instructions, you can properly care for your sex doll with rooted hair while m
aintaining its appearance and quality.

Modern sex dolls are incredibly realistic and lifelike, which also means they can weigh as much as 100 pounds or more. Moving a sex doll that is as heavy as a human requires careful handling, especially considering it is dead weight. Here are s some tips to safely move and carry your sex doll for both its protection and your own:
Proper Lifting Technique:
Before lifting the doll, ensure you have a clear path to move without any obstacles.
Position yourself close to the doll, squatting with your knees bent and back straight.
Slide your arms under the doll, lifting it from both sides to distribute the weight evenly.
Use your leg muscles to lift, avoiding excessive strain on your back.
Maintain a firm grip throughout the lifting process.
Utilize Assistance:
If the sex doll is particularly heavy or difficult to maneuver, it’s advisable to seek assistance.
Ask a friend or partner to help you lift and carry the doll together.
Coordinate your movements and communicate clearly to ensure a safe and synchronized effort.
Use a Doll Trolley or Dolly:
Investing in a doll trolley or dolly can greatly facilitate the process of moving your sex doll.
These specialized devices are designed to support the weight and shape of a doll.
Place the doll securely on the trolley and carefully wheel it to the desired location.
Ensure the trolley has sturdy wheels and locks to prevent accidental rolling.
Disassemble the Doll:
If your sex doll allows for it, consider disassembling it before moving.
Remove detachable parts, such as the head, limbs, or torso, to reduce weight and make transportation easier.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disassembly and reassembly to avoid damage to the doll.
Safely pack and store the disassembled parts to prevent any mishaps or loss.
The Bridal Carry
To perform the bridal carry method with your sex doll, follow these steps:
Position your sex doll in a seated pose.
Choose whether you prefer approaching the doll from the right or left side.
Slightly lift the arm on the chosen side of the doll.
Kneel down or bend at your knees to align your body with the doll’s.
Slide your arm under the doll’s raised arm and around her back.
Adjust the doll’s arm over your shoulder or around your neck.
Place your other arm under the bend of your sex doll’s knees.
Gently pull the doll’s body toward you, ensuring her weight rests against your torso.
Rise up carefully, using your leg muscles and avoiding strain on your back.
Transport your sex doll to the desired location safely and with caution.
By following these steps, you can utilize the bridal carry method to move your sex doll effectively while minimizing the risk of damage to the doll or strain on your body.

Sex Doll Knowledges

Curious about what a quality sex doll feels like? Gone are the days of old, inflatable sex dolls. Today’s sex dolls are a whole new level of realism. But what exactly does a quality sex doll feel like? Made from materials like TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone, these dolls provide a soft, silky texture that closely mimics real human skin. However, words alone can’t capture the true essence of their lifelike feel.

If you’ve ever used a sex toy or a masturbation sleeve like a Fleshlight, you have a glimpse of what a quality sex doll feels like. But to truly understand the experience, we recommend watching YouTube videos shared by sex doll owners. These firsthand accounts give you a visual and tactile understanding of the realistic sensation a quality sex doll provides. You can also explore videos from Irontech and manufacturer demonstrations on the video page.

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible realism and sensory satisfaction that quality sex dolls offer.

You may wonder if a male sex doll can take the top position during intimate encounters, considering their weight. The answer is yes, it is possible to position a male sex doll on top. However, engaging in sexual activities with the doll in this position requires some effort and creativity. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy the male sex doll being on top:

With your knees bent and legs apart, guide the doll’s hips between your legs and initiate thrusting by pushing and pulling his hips.

In the same position, hold the small of his back and rhythmically thrust against the male sex doll.

Lie in the missionary position and move your hips upward and in circular motions to create pleasurable sensations.

Explore the 69 position, allowing the male sex doll to be on top while you lie beneath.

Wrap your legs around the doll’s waist or buttocks, using your legs to draw him closer to you.

Remember, experimentation and finding what works best for you and your preferences is key. Enjoy exploring different positions and movements that maximize your pleasure and connection with the male sex doll.

After bringing your dream sex doll home, you may be wondering how to make the most of your intimate encounters. Follow these tips to enhance your experience and discover new pleasures with your sex doll:

Warmth for Realism: To make sex with your sex doll feel more lifelike, warm her vagina by giving her a bath, flushing the canal with warm water, using an orifice warmer (included with most sex dolls), or trying a warming lubricant.

Choose the Right Lubricant: Using proper lubricants can significantly enhance your sexual experience. Opt for water-based lubricants, as they not only improve the sensation but also help maintain the longevity of your sex doll.

Maintain Lubrication: Keep a bulb applicator filled with warm water by your bedside to easily reapply lubrication to your doll’s orifices whenever necessary.

Skin Care: Keep your sex doll’s skin soft and silky by using skin-softening powders such as baby powder, natural corn starch, or TPE powder available at sex shops. This helps protect the skin and maintain its longevity.

Pre-warm Your Doll: Prior to engaging in sexual activity, warm up your doll by bathing her, giving her a warm shower, or covering her with a low-setting warming blanket.

Explore Various Positions: Get creative and experiment with different positions. With a sex doll, you have the freedom to explore and enjoy a wide range of positions without limitations.

Lubricate All Orifices: Apply lubricants to all of your sex doll’s orifices for a more pleasurable experience. Even for oral sex, using a water-based lubricant can make the experience feel more authentic.

Consider Female Condoms: Using female condoms in your sex doll’s openings can help maintain cleanliness and dryness, reducing the need for extensive cleaning after each use.

By following these tips, you can enhance the realism, comfort, and enjoyment of your intimate moments with your sex doll. Remember to always prioritize cleanliness and care to ensure a long-lasting and satisfying experience.

TPE, short for Thermoplastic Elastomer, is a versatile material composed of a blend of polymers, including plastic and rubber. Here are some key characteristics of TPE:

Moldability: TPE is highly moldable, making it an ideal choice for creating sex dolls with intricate details and lifelike features.

Skin-like Feel: TPE closely resembles human skin in terms of its softness and texture, providing a more realistic tactile experience during intimate moments.

Natural Jiggle: TPE’s elasticity allows sex dolls to have a natural bounce and jiggle, enhancing the lifelike quality of their movements.

Temperature Sensitivity: TPE has the ability to absorb and retain heat, making the surface of the doll warm to the touch for added realism and comfort.

Common Usage: TPE is widely used in the manufacturing of sex toys and other everyday items such as toothbrush handles, baby spoons, and dental guards.

Injection Molding: TPE is compatible with injection molding techniques, enabling the creation of lifelike parts like the labia, which further enhances the realism of the sex doll.

Body-Safe and Odorless: TPE is considered body-safe and does not emit strong chemical odors, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for users.

Stretchability: TPE exhibits excellent stretchability and elasticity, allowing the skin of the sex doll to stretch and move in a way that closely resembles human skin.

Cost-Effective: Compared to silicone, TPE is often more affordable, making TPE sex dolls a popular choice for those seeking a realistic experience at a lower price point.

While TPE offers many advantages, it’s important to be aware of a few considerations:

Durability: Prolonged wear and tear can cause TPE to degrade over time, so proper care and maintenance are essential to maximize the doll’s lifespan.

Staining: TPE has a tendency to absorb colors, especially when in contact with dyed fabrics. Care should be taken to avoid staining the doll’s skin.

Porosity: TPE is porous, meaning it has microscopic pores that can trap oils, dirt, and bacteria. Thorough cleaning is necessary to prevent staining and bacterial buildup.

Powdering: Regularly applying a specialized powder helps maintain the doll’s skin-like feel and prevents excessive stickiness.

Heat Sensitivity: TPE can deform, melt, or lose shape when exposed to high temperatures. It’s important to store TPE sex dolls in a cool and dry environment.

By understanding the unique properties and care requirements of TPE, users can make informed decisions when choosing a sex doll that suits their preferences and needs.

Medical-Grade Silicone, also known as Medical Healthcare-Grade Silicone, is a specific type of rubber that meets stringent quality standards for medical and healthcare applications. Here are some key features of Medical-Grade Silicone:

Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Safe: Medical-Grade Silicone is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. It minimizes the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations.

Refined Details and Firmness: Silicone has a firmer texture compared to other materials, allowing for more intricate and realistic details in the design of sex dolls. The firmness also provides a unique tactile experience.

Odorless and Body-Safe: Medical-Grade Silicone is free from strong chemical odors and is considered safe for use on the body. It does not release harmful substances or toxins during use.

Widely Used in Medical and Culinary Fields: This grade of silicone is commonly used in medical devices, implants for plastic surgery, and high-quality cooking utensils due to its excellent biocompatibility and durability.

Non-Porous and Smooth: Silicone is non-porous, meaning it does not have microscopic pores that can absorb liquids or bacteria. This characteristic makes it exceptionally smooth, easy to clean, and resistant to staining.

Lifelike Facial Features: Silicone can be molded to create highly realistic and detailed facial features, enhancing the overall lifelike appearance of sex dolls.

Durable and Resilient: Silicone is known for its strength and resilience, making it less susceptible to damage or tearing. It can withstand regular use and maintain its shape over time.

Heat Resistance: Silicone is a thermoset material, which means it retains its shape and properties even at high temperatures. It does not deform or lose its original form with exposure to heat.

While Medical-Grade Silicone offers numerous advantages, it’s important to be aware of a few considerations:

Higher Cost: Silicone sex dolls tend to be more expensive compared to other materials due to the quality and durability of Medical-Grade Silicone.

Potential for Drying and Cracking: Improper care or aging can cause silicone to dry out and develop cracks. Regular maintenance and proper storage can help prevent this issue.

Fragile Areas: Care should be taken with fragile areas of silicone sex dolls to avoid tearing or damaging the material.

Less Bounce and Flexibility: Silicone has less bounce or “wiggle” compared to materials like TPE, which may affect the overall feel and movement of the sex doll.

Compatibility with Lubricants: While silicone-based lubricants can be used with silicone sex dolls, oil-based lubricants and certain moisturizing products may degrade the silicone material over time.

Understanding the characteristics and maintenance requirements of Medical-Grade Silicone can help individuals make informed decisions when selecting a sex doll that suits their preferences and needs

materials combining medical-grade silicone and TPE to create a unique and realistic experience. These dolls feature silicone heads for incredibly lifelike facial features, while the bodies are made from TPE to provide a more realistic feel and movement. Here are some key features of our Hybrid sex dolls:

Silicone Heads: The silicone heads of our Hybrid sex dolls offer exquisite realism with finely crafted facial features. The use of silicone ensures a high level of detail and accuracy, giving the doll a remarkably lifelike appearance.

TPE Bodies: The bodies of our Hybrid sex dolls are made from TPE, a material known for its softness and human-like texture. TPE allows for a more realistic feel, mimicking the softness and elasticity of real human skin.

Natural Movement and Bounce: With TPE bodies, our Hybrid sex dolls exhibit a more natural movement, including subtle bouncing and “jiggling” that closely resembles the characteristics of real human body parts.

Unique Skin Tones: Our Hybrid sex dolls come in a range of six unique skin tones, allowing you to choose a doll that matches your preferences and desires.

Implant Hair: Instead of using wigs, our Hybrid sex dolls feature implanted hair, enhancing the realism of the doll and providing a more authentic look and feel.

Stunning Realism: From the meticulously crafted facial features to the incredibly lifelike bodies, our Hybrid sex dolls are designed to deliver an immersive and pleasurable experience that closely simulates the touch and appearance of a real partner.

Experience the best of both worlds with our Hybrid sex dolls, combining the exceptional detailing of silicone heads with the softness and realism of TPE bodies. Indulge in the lifelike sensations and captivating beauty of our Hybrid sex dolls for an unforgettable intimate

A sex doll skeleton is typically made of metal, specifically an alloy that provides strength and durability. The skeleton is designed with a complex system of joints and connectors that allow the doll to move and maintain human-like poses. These metal skeletons are engineered to support the weight of individuals, with some models capable of handling up to 400 pounds or even 600 pounds in the case of enhanced skeletons.

It is important to handle a sex doll with care and avoid applying excessive force or twisting the joints beyond their natural range of motion. While the skeletons are sturdy, improper use or forcing the doll into unnatural positions can potentially lead to bending, breaking, or damaging the skeleton. By treating your sex doll with respect and using it within its intended range of motion, you can enjoy fulfilling experiences without compromising its structural integrity.

Absolutely! We understand that the demand for male sex dolls is growing, and we are proud to offer a diverse selection of male sex dolls. As the industry evolves, sex doll companies are increasingly catering to the desires of both men and women seeking male companions. Our male sex dolls are meticulously crafted to provide a lifelike appearance and offer various customization options to ensure you find the perfect match.

Explore our collection of male sex dolls and discover the pleasure and companionship they can provide. Whether you’re seeking a muscular, athletic physique or a more slender and toned figure, we have a range of options to suit your preferences. Enjoy the freedom to customize features such as hair color, eye color, and other details to create your ideal male sex doll companion.

Yes, male sex dolls are indeed available with penises. When you order a male doll, you have the option to select the desired size of the penis. Additionally, it’s important to note that the penis of a male sex doll is removable. This feature allows for easier cleaning and provides the opportunity to explore different penis attachments. For example, you can choose a flaccid penis, which makes dressing your sex doll more convenient, or opt for a larger, erect penis for those occasions when you desire a more fulfilling experience.

Having the choice of different penis sizes and attachments allows you to customize your male sex doll to meet your preferences and desires. It ensures a versatile and pleasurable experience tailored to your individual needs. Whether you prefer a natural, realistic size or are seeking a more adventurous option, the availability of penises for male sex dolls provides a range of possibilities to enhance your intimate encounters.

Please note that when using a sex doll with a removable penis, it is essential to clean it thoroughly to maintain hygiene and prolong the lifespan of your doll.