Anime Sex Doll 167cm Yuna-Game Lady Doll

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  • +Free Gel Breasts
  • +Free Removable Vagina
  • +Free Standing
  • +Free Life Like Body Painting
  • +Free Implanted Eyebrows & Eyelashes

In the enchanting world of the beloved game Final Fantasy, we encounter Yuna, a character who emanates a captivating allure, stirring desire within men. Yuna possesses a delicate and ethereal beauty, with cascading locks of lustrous chestnut hair that frame her gentle face. Her captivating aquamarine eyes sparkle with wisdom and kindness, reflecting her inner strength. Yuna’s slender figure and graceful movements add to her enchanting presence, captivating the hearts of men who yearn for a chance to walk alongside her on her extraordinary journey.

Yet Yuna’s appeal transcends mere physical beauty. As a summoner and a beacon of hope, she embodies compassion and selflessness. Her unwavering dedication to her quest and her genuine care for others captivate men seeking a partner with a pure heart. Yuna’s serene demeanor and unwavering resolve make men irresistibly drawn to her, longing for a connection that mirrors her own grace and inner strength. Yuna’s unique combination of beauty, kindness, and self-sacrifice ignites an intense desire within men, compelling them to pursue her with a fervent longing to protect and cherish her.

Amidst the trials and tribulations of their journey, Yuna’s inner radiance shines. Her captivating appearance, coupled with her selfless nature and unwavering spirit, draws men towards her with a magnetic pull. They are captivated by her warmth and courage, yearning for a connection that reflects her own unwavering devotion and the depths of their own hearts. Yuna becomes the embodiment of their desires, inspiring men to seek a love that echoes her own unwavering spirit and the eternal flame of their own longing hearts.

Material: Silicone+TPE
Doll Height: 167cm
Vagina Deepth: 17.5cm
Net Weight: 35.5kg


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