Sex Doll Warranty

Warranty Conditions

All products in Siliconesexdollworld come with a 30-day guarantee against manufacturing defects, with the exception of wigs, eyelashes, and artificial nails. This warranty covers the repair or partial replacement of the item. Please note that the warranty will be considered void if there is evidence of improper use, negligent maintenance, normal wear and tear, intentional damage, negligence resulting in water, fall, and/or impact damage, or failure to follow the provided instructions for use.

It's important to highlight that sex dolls are predominantly handmade, making each model truly unique. As a result of the manual production process, there may be minimal deviations in the appearance or features of the sex doll, which cannot be entirely eliminated

Repair and Warranty

Repair Services within the Factory Warranty:

Our commitment to quality extends to providing repair services for sex dolls and torsos covered by the factory warranty. Should your sex doll experience any damage during the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect, we offer free-of-charge repairs. For minor issues, we'll promptly dispatch a repair kit, enabling you to restore your sex doll's functionality right away. In cases where more extensive repairs are necessary, we kindly request you to send us the sex doll along with the sales receipt or invoice. Our dedicated repair service will then skillfully address any issues.

Repair Services outside the Factory Warranty:

Even beyond the manufacturer's warranty period, we are ready to assist you with sex doll repairs. Please be aware that repair costs will be borne by you in such cases. Whether the damage resulted from an accident or mishandling, we are here to offer our repair services. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with a no-obligation, complimentary quote, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the repair. For minor repairs, you may find that they can be easily undertaken on your own. If you need advice on sex doll maintenance and repair, our Blog on sex dolls provides valuable insights. All essential information is conveniently summarized on our blog page.

Registering a Repair:

Initiating a repair request is a simple and swift process through our online contact form. Expect a response from our team within 24 hours.

Product Damaged upon Receipt:

Should your product arrive with damage, rest assured, we will address the issue promptly. Please reach out to our customer service as soon as possible and assist us by providing images of the damage for clarification. However, refrain from using your sex doll in such instances, as this is crucial to ensure your warranty rights remain intact.

We appreciate your communication in the English language for seamless assistance and support. Should you have any queries or require further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to serve you.